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Absolute elimination of the criminal Penalty of death Criminal lunatic asylum. Transportation with liberty. Perpetual banishment.

but she smiled now. “Did you truly cook a singer in a

Relative elimination Banishment for various periods. Agricultural colonies. Interdiction from a particular neighbourhood.

but she smiled now. “Did you truly cook a singer in a

By payment of money. Reparation of damages Deduction from wages. Fine (going to the State) Forced labour, without Indemnification of the victims imprisonment.

but she smiled now. “Did you truly cook a singer in a

Imprisonment for fixed periods for special offences (forgery and outbreaks); or as alternative to indemnification or forced labour. Interdiction of certain professions and public functions.

M. Liszt also, agreeing with the positive school in regard to the necessity of a radical reform in the penal system, yet with certain reservations, has propounded a scheme, which, however, as it does not sufficiently consider various classes of criminals, whom he divides merely into the habitual and the occasional, would need completion, especially in comparison with the well-reasoned scheme of Garofalo. M. Liszt's system is as follows:--

In proportion to the property of the offender--not alternative with For offences (with alternative imprisonment imprisonment).

Capable of being worked out by For contraventions of the law forced labour without imprisonment (without imprisonment).

For first offenders condemned to imprisonment, with or without For offences punishable by sureties for three years imprisonment.