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Tyrion thought it best to leave her undisturbed, but it

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Transportation to an island, colony Homicide to avenge honour or village--at liberty, under (isolated or endemic) supervision (for an indefinite period, with from 5 to 10 years supervision).

Tyrion thought it best to leave her undisturbed, but it

Bodily injury during a quarrel; Damages and fine: heavy for such slight and transitory malice; as can pay. Alternative blows; threats; slander; verbal penalty:--deduction from wages, insults or forced labour. Imprisonment in case of refusal.

Tyrion thought it best to leave her undisturbed, but it

Malicious injury or disfigurement; Criminal lunatic asylum (for mutilation; rape or outrage with hysterical or epileptic), or violence; restraint on personal Transportation for an indefinite liberty period, with supervision from 5 to 10 years.

Tyrion thought it best to leave her undisturbed, but it

Young persons who commit-- Criminal lunatic asylums (for those with congenital Crimes of violence without excuse, tendencies). or rape Penal colony in case of relapse. Transportation without constraint.

III. DISHONEST CRIMINALS. Adults who commit-- Habitual theft, swindling, incendiarism, Lunatic asylums (if insane or forgery, extortion epileptic). Transportation. Labour-gangs (unfixed periods); Occasional theft; swindling; or suspension of right to exercise forgery; extortion; incendiarism a profession, until complete reparation of damage.

Peculation; embezzlement; sale of Loss of office. Suspension of offices; abuse of authority civil rights. Fine. Restitution. Incendiarism; vindictive destruction Reparation of damage (with optional of property (without personal imprisonment). Criminal injury) lunatic asylums (for the insane). Transportation (for recidivists).

Bankruptcy, when due to malpractice Restitution. Prohibition to trade or to discharge public functions.

Uttering false coin; forgery of stock Imprisonment (unfixed periods) and certificates; personation, and fine, in addition to loss of false witness, &c. office, and restitution.